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Bridget-chans Yoyo Dojo
For Yoyo Bounty-Hunters
oh my god, i am so crying right now. the tears just won;t stop.'
'oh god, toby told me he didnt reallyt want to be with me anymore, cause i got too fat.

'oh my god, who just says that., and really, im not that fat he;s just a giant fucker.
but really, what a lame excuse, i bet that whore of a slut bitch from lunch is hitting on him, and it's workingQ! arrrrrgh, now im really angry as welkl as cryinf,.

i want to be worth something, to deserve love. is that so much to ask?> i want to die.

oh god, i cant stop crying and looking at this pic from last week. only last week, we were so happy.

and i did so much with him, now it's all wasted, i feel like a dirty whore. i was supposed to save myself for marriage! GOD HATES ME.

Current Mood: hungry hungry

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oh my GOD!!

i'm so pissed!!!

someone spoiled the end of death note for me!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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haha, wow, i totally haven't gone online in soooooo long! Man, has my life been crazy with school and such.

i really liked this boy, josh, from bio class. I thought he was into me, but then last week i saw him making out with that whore cheerleader right in front of my locker! i mean, how crappy can you get. i really miss having a boyfriend. drew wasn't that bad, i guess.

i havent had time to make a new costume, but mom says i can probably go to animenext cause its only an hour or so away. i can prolly go with rebecca, but only if rebecca's mom goes to. jeeez, my mom is such a jerk!!!!!! i really really really hope that this all works out tho, cause im really into this new show, death note.

i really want to cosplay as misa, her clothes are so cute, nd i can prolly get them all at hot topic. man, i love being good at cosplay.

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

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sorry... i know it's been a long time. i make two entries and then disappear. im so lame!

but ive been really busy with school and my mom has been being a bitch and getting on my case about my schoolwork and spending so much time on the internet so that's really sucked.

but i finished watching sailor moon again the other day. omg i forgot how much i love that series. i mean. its just so great!!!! i should cosplay from sailor moon after i do my bridget costume. who do you think i should be??? i really like usagi but people say i look more like jupiter. i think that's just because she has brown hair though.

Current Mood: content content
Current Music: How to save a life- The fray

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Okay so.... I started asking people on the cosplay community about how to make my costume (its bridget by the way) and so he's like a guy - but a girl, but apparently its ok if youre a girl cosplaying him. So im gunna! Anyway ill look totally kawaii once i get the costume down and then maybe i'll do that girl from Chrono Crusade (thanks Adziu for the tip!!) I dont mean to annoy anyone but please give me help if you can and I hope to see you all at the con!!
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Hay guys. So this is my first post on LJ. Omigosh awesome. I cant wait to start making new friends cause I totally got sucked into cosplay and afansview and cosplay.com. I was at Otakon last summer, I was the Rukia walking around - it wasn't all that good cause it was my first costume, but now im gunna try sumthin harder (mre about that later tee-hee). Mom says I can go to katsucon as long as stacy's mom can come with rachel and i (EEE CON NUMBER 2!!!). I'm gonna work reely hard til then. NEway I gotta go for now! Bye guys!!!!!!!

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: gwen stefani - watcha waitin for?

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